Nobody's Cap

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Nobody's Cap

When a regular guy sought ancient keys to self-improvement and transformation, he found them hiding right in his simple, ordinary life. If you want to laugh hard, go deep, and explore far, then venture down a highway of history and personal growth that has something for the seeker and philosopher in all of us—no fame, beliefs, reservations, or ordination required.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious how:

  • Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is at work in your life
  • Jesus’s Two Great Commandments are a powerful engine driving your day
  • Confucian values and Five Great Relationships are everywhere around you
  • Moses’s Ten Commandments are chiseled in the stone of your modern morality
  • Islam’s principles of purity and charity mirror things you do all the time
  • Karma can be tamed
  • Socrates fits into a book on world religion, spirituality, and personal transformation
  • Religious and spiritual principles can spur personal growth even without a belief in a god or gods

Through the power of world religion—East and West, spirituality, philosophy, interactive exercises, and the experience of your everyday existence, you’ll: take a personal journey into mind, body, and spirit to transform your life; discover how ancient pathways to a better existence are available to you right now; and uncover the extraordinary power of ordinary actions.

We know more, do more, and are more than we ever imagined. That realization is never more than one simple, ordinary act away.

The Nobody Bible


Nobody's Cap
j.a. plosker

J. A. Plosker isn’t rich, famous, or ordained. After two degrees in religion and advanced degrees in social work and the law, he’s still the same guy he always was. And he’s recently discovered that’s where true happiness lives. J. A. spent years teaching comparative religion and philosophy to university students looking for answers to life’s most difficult questions as well as easy humanities credits. He’s also worked as a social worker and counselor, helping those in need of support. He’s currently a writer by profession. J. A. lives in the Southwestern U.S. where he pays a mortgage and mows a lawn full of crabgrass.


Nobody's Cap

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Nobody's Cap

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